Marketing Insights for Writers

Are you a writer struggling to make your mark?

Do the words promotion and sales bring you out in hives? Then this space is for you. As a fellow writer with nearly 20 years’ experience in marketing, my passion is to demystify the whole process and help you gain the skills to successfully engage your target audience. I do that through my blog, Marketing Insights for Writers, workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

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“Sarah’s mastery of the written word, while notable, is just the beginning of her skill set. Her practical creativity in business and marketing have helped me towards increasing success in my own business, and I’ve seen the results of her work help others. A joy to work with and a true professional, Sarah gets my full recommendation!” Adam Langlois, Video Produce & Owner, Extremeline Productions

“Sarah has been excellent in initiating, following up, and tracking progress in various marketing areas. We have more than doubled our business and greatly improved our business presence and appearance. She is highly organized, energetic, and reliable.” Gerry Thauvette, CPA, Senior Director, Fast Forward French


Sarah Sambles I help writers plot their marketing course


I’m a writer and communications coach based in Ottawa, Canada. If you want to get your story on the page or stand out in a crowd, please drop me a line. I offer marketing consulting in person or via phone, and in group workshops. I’ve worked with customers from many industries including non-profit, services, high tech, construction, real estate, retail, senior living. My expertise includes strategic marketing consultancy, PR consultancy, branding and repositioning, copy writing, freelance writing, website direction and content creation, branding, campaign management.

You can read my latest tips for writers on my blog, Marketing Insights for Writers.